Soil temperature and fairway management from 1980
New paper on variability of hybrid bermudagrass used on putting greens

Two fine articles about two important topics

When I visit Japan, I like to try the various flavors of soft ice cream as I go to different places. This is peanut soft cream in Chiba prefecture.


Another thing I like to do is browse the magazines to find interesting articles. I had a chance to see recent issues of Monthly Golf Management this week, and I was pleased to see two articles that I recommend in English are now available in Japanese.


If you are in Japan, read them in the magazines. For the original versions, if you haven't read them yet:

How to develop a water budget for your golf course: "How much water does your golf facility need each year to keep the turf healthy?"

Turfgrass fertilization: "supplemental nutrition is typically necessary to strengthen critical plant components so turf can provide desirable playing surfaces ... This article covers several aspects of turfgrass nutrition, such as determining how much fertilizer is actually needed, fertilizing for enhanced playability, the economics of turfgrass fertilization, and dispelling some of the myths surrounding fertilizer applications."



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