Animated chart of potential and actual PAR at Batesville for the first 214 days of 2016
More about the most sustainable grass hypothesis

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: July 2016

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

A lot of rain in a short time. This is what the southwest monsoon looks like.

This video from STRI about putting green performance measurements:

UMass announces schedules for certificate programs.

Michael Breuer showed bunker sculpting at Bandon Dunes:

Shade and photosynthetic light in Sydney.

New turf disease publications from Purdue.

Soil temperature and fairway management in a classic article by Oscar Miles.

Jason Haines on why he uses growth potential scheduling for fertilizer.

Reasor et al. on the variability of Cynodon on putting greens.

Reasor collecting data on putting greens in Thailand:

A hypothesis about the most sustainable grass.

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