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A Ryder Cup miscellany, in charts

I was recently at Hazeltine National Golf Club for the Ryder Cup. When I arrived, I was informed that it had been extraordinarily rainy since early to mid-August. I had a chance to observe the rain myself as well. I wondered just how extraordinary the rain was, so I looked it up.


You can see all the charts I made in this Flickr album.

Ryder Cup 2016 charts

Another thing I looked at was when, who, and about what were people communicating with Chris Tritabaugh, the golf course superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club.


These are the words used most often during the week in tweets mentioning Chris's Twitter account.


This shows the discussion about the @ct_turf account on Twitter for the week. There are a number of hubs in the discussion.


Zooming in to just one hour on Saturday morning, one can see accounts grouped into conversations based on who was communicating at that time.


I even made a word cloud, these for the conversation on Saturday, 1 October.


All 33 charts are in this album if you would like to see more.


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