A treemap showing the number of golf holes in 30 countries
Top 10 posts of 2016

Map of all the flights I took in 2016

I took 82 flights this year, for a total of 221,494 km (137,000 miles), and I've just mapped them. That's more than 5 times the circumference of the earth. Routes flown once are more blue, and the routes flown more often are more red.


That's more flights and more km than in 2015, when I flew 54 times for 186,056 km. A map of 2015 flights is here. It's been another extraordinary year for studying grass around the world.

Festuca and Agrostis in Washington


Native grasses at BKK when it hasn't rained for months


Organic matter accumulation from Zoysia japonica above a sand rootzone in Japan


Creeping bentgrass practice green with lots of target flags in Girona


Puccinellia maritima (I think that's the species) near Reykjavik


Poa pratensis at Kashima Soccer Stadium


Zoysia japonica and Zoysia matrella in Japan


Fine fescue in Nebraska


A rare first edition of Short Grammar of Greenkeeping in Kyoto


If you want to see more photos, have a look at the ATC photos on Flickr, or scroll through the @asianturfgrass media tweets.


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