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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: December 2016

Some great articles and summaries come out at the end of every year. Here are some excellent items from the past month:

Bill Kreuser learned these five things about PGRs this year.

Luke Partridge with photos from Emirates GC:

And Craig Haldane with more at the end of the week:

This is how to lose a lot of money with frost delays.

Brad Revill started a new blog with this widely-read post about something new.

I wish everyone understood this about the quantity of fertilizer recommended by the MLSN guidelines.

Soil tests double MLSN and still getting recommendations to apply more.

Do those who soil test also apply more fertilizer?

Ken Mangum on how green speeds have changed since 1978:

Intriguing article about expectations for greens at the Masters in 1981.

Radko et al. from the GSR in 1981: A study of putting green variability.

An unlikely tool for the study of putting green speed variability.

This eclectic list of references for my 芝草科学とグリーンキーピング book.

Hong Kong GC was looking (and playing) great during the HK Open:

What do Hong Kong, Singapore, Iceland, and Mauritius have in common?

The number of golf holes in 30 countries.

I came across an amazing video of Victoria GC in 1967:

J. Paul Robertson and Sean Parker with this photo of Victoria GC under snow:

David Duke wrote about winter damage to golf turf.

Idris Evans showed some well-trained kikuyugrass:

I made a map to show all the flights I took this year, with some grass photos too.

You won't see this every day:

Elephant footprints on a golf course in Thailand.

These 10 posts from 2016 had the most views on the Viridescent blog this year.

And this is the opposite! These 10 posts had the fewest views this year.

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