The combination of temperature and light
"Even though most are not labeled as K fertilizer, it's there"

Turfgrass roundup: March 2017

In more than 3000 soil samples from turfgrass sites, how is aluminum affected by pH?

Gabe Hughes with an amazing photo of microdochium patch in Corvallis:

Salinity and grow-in of five grass varieties.

Matee Suntisawasdi found seashore paspalum on the beach:

Is golf in favour again in China?

Sustainability seminars in Japan and Korea:

The walking greenkeeper introduced himself on a new blog.

Paul Jansen visited Korea. Is this the world's largest/busiest driving range?

Presentation slides and additional information about irrigation water quality from my seminar at the Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia conference.

Photo galleries from the Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia conference.

Presentation slides and handout from my presentation about irrigation water requirement.

Simulating the irrigation frequency using a daily soil water balance.

How does the irrigation water requirement change when the irrigation rules are adjusted?

Estimating the irrigation water requirement for different soil conditions.

Calculating the daily soil water balance while explicity accounting for rootzone depth.

This Shiny app simulates the daily soil water balance for real weather data matched to user-specified rootzone characteristics and irrigation rules.

Jonathan Wood with more stunning spring photos from St. Andrews:

Light and temperature combined to look at turfgrass suitability for different climates.

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