What's my workflow? 2017 edition
A post-conference assortment

Turfgrass roundup: April 2017

Easily identify four tropical grasses.

Paul Jansen on a "Sustainable by Design" tour.

Photos and presentations from the R&A Sustainability Seminar in Japan.

Website visits by computer, phone, or tablet.

The GP Avatar app from PACE Turf.

Andrew McDaniel set off a long conversation with this tweet:

An MLSN refresher.

K in phosphite/phosphonate products.

Snow at St. Andrews from Gordon McKie:

Spring, cherry blossoms, and a 1200 year time series from Kyoto.

Andrew McDaniel went inside the ropes at the Masters with Yuta Ikeda:

Update from Oregon: S, Ca, and microdochium patch.

Ricardo Llorca prepares a multifunctional facility:

A map of MLSN newsletter subscriptions in 33 countries.

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